Recycle Indianapolis

1. Do you recycle?
Yes No

2. Which of the following services have you used in the past 3 months? (check all that apply)
Curbside subscription
Drop off containers
ToxDrop (household hazardous waste)
eScrap (computer and electronics recycling)
Other recycling, please specify
None of the Above
3. How often do you recycle?
Most of the time
4. Trash fees have not been increased in almost 20 years. Would you be willing to pay more for trash service if it included curbside recycling, too?
Yes No

5. Would you be in favor of a countywide mandatory fee that encompasses the cost of all solid waste services (ie Trash pick up, heavy trash pick up, recycling and leaf collection?)
Yes No

6. Currently, trash pickup is billed on the property tax bill and curbside recycling is billed quarterly and sent to your house. how would you prefer to be billed?
Combine trash and recycling fees on property tax bill
Combined trash and recycling fee billed Quarterly to your home
Combined trash and recycling fee billed Monthly to your home
Bill trash on property tax bill and curbside recycling billed separately
Please contact Lisa Laflin for specific questions about the program.

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